Phila National Dance Contests

There were seven American Bandstand Contests. The last contest to be held on Bandstand before it became American Bandstand was a Chalypso Contest won by Frank Spagnuola and Dottie Horner; Second Prize Charlette Russo and Michael Del Fatti; Third Prize Lynn Boehmer and Jack Diamond.

So here have it:

1957 Fast Dance Contest

Song: Rock and Roll Music by Chuck Berry

1st place- Justine Carrelli & Bob Clayton
2nd place- Pat Molittieri & Billy Ettinger
3rd place- Dottie Horner & Larry Guilianni

1958 Chalypso Contest

Song: La Dee Dah by Billy and Lillie

1st place- Arlene Sullivan & Kenny Rossi
2nd place- Dottie Horner & Larry Guilianni
3rd place- Joanne Montecarlo and Frankie Lobis

1958 Slow Dance Contest

Song: The End by Earl Grant

1st Place- Pat Molittieri & Billy Ettinger
2nd place- Barbara Levick & Walt Grzelak
3rd place- Janet Hamill & Tex Connors

1959 Fast Dance Contest

Song: Tallahassee Lassie by Freddie Cannon

1st Place- Joan Buck & Jimmy Peatross
2nd Place- Janet Hamill & Tex Connors
3rd Place- Barbara Levick & Joe Wissert

1960 Face Dance Contest

Song: Finger Poppin’ Time by Hank Ballard and the Midnighters

1st Place- Barbara Levick & Billy Cook
2nd Place- Arlene DiPietro & Billy Young
3rd Place- Carmen Jimenez & Bob Kelly

1961 Pony Contest

Song: Pony Train by the Conductor

1st Place- Frani Giordano & Mike Balara
2nd Place- Joyce Shafer and Norman Kerr
3rd Place- Carmen Jimenez & Frankie Vacca

1962 Mashed Potato Contest

Song: Mashed Potato Time by Dee Dee Sharp

1st Place- Paula Kopicko & Richie Cartledge
2nd Place- Marlyn Brown & Frankie Vacca
3rd Place- Diane Iaquinto & Charlie Hibib